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You are never too old to learn. That is exactly what we think at Xtoria. That is why we offer various training courses. Taking a training course at Xtoria can be a good addition to your CV. On this page you will find a list of all the training courses we offer and what exactly you will learn from them. Is there a training course listed which you think will help you in your future career? Please contact us for an appointment.


InDesign is an Adobe program. The program is mainly used to create documents for printed matter, digital publications and digital media. Examples are leaflets or magazines. Indesign requires a good basic knowledge in order to work successfully with it, because it can be quite difficult if you do not know anything about it yet. If you want to start with a good basic knowledge, our training is recommended.

Office 365

We have all worked with Office 365 at some point. Think about Outlook or Microsoft Word. However, there is a good chance that you are still far from fully understanding all the functions and knowing how to use them. Would you like to learn how you can easily consult with your colleagues via Microsoft Teams? Or would you like more knowledge about Excel? Then our Office 365 training course is definitely for you.


This is Adobe’s photo editing program. Photoshop has many functions that ensure that a photographer can achieve the perfect end result. With a press of a button, you can remove red eyes from a photo or remove irregularities. Much more is possible with this program. During our Photoshop training course, we explain how it all works.


Illustrator is another Adobe program. You can do so many different things with it. The nice thing about Illustrator is that it can also be used to make illustrations. It is the perfect program to use for designing logos. Illustrator is also a good program for designing websites. If you have followed the Illustrator training course, you will know what you can do with this program.

How do I deal with my disability?

Having a disability is not always easy. There can be many different challenges, which can be frustrating. How do you best deal with your disability and the different authorities you have to deal with? You will learn more about this during the training: How do I deal with my disability?

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