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Xtoria - Kennis is superkrachtig

So you have it in you to become super powerful?

Welcome to the website of Xtoria powered by Ictoria. It can be quite difficult to find a suitable workplace when you have to deal with a challenge. We at Xtoria are convinced that, what is often seen as a weakness, is in fact your strength.

With this in mind, we do our best to provide a stepping stone to work or a meaningful daytime activity.

Are you, after countless attempts, still not where you want to be? Then you are most welcome at Xtoria, because we are waiting for you.

Are you looking for superpowered employees?

Are you looking for a loyal colleague with perseverance? Or is there someone in your organisation who no longer feels at home and wants to move on to something else?

Then Xtoria is the right place for you. Together, we will look for suitable possibilities.

Xtoria - Kennis is superkrachtig

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Xtoria - Kennis is superkrachtig

Working with experts by experience

Job coaches and employees of various institutions always have your best interests at heart. Yet, they often never really know what it is like to enter the labor market with a challenge. Xtoria does things differently. Xtoria only employs experts by experience who know what they are talking about. The chances are that they have already been through the same process once, so you will be speaking to someone who knows what it is like. Want to meet our own superheroes? You can find them here.

Learning by working

Besides looking together at which career path is right for you, Xtoria also offers various training courses that will benefit you greatly in your future career. Think for example of an Office 365 training or learn more about editing photos during our Photoshop training. For a complete overview of all courses, see the training page.

Xtoria - Kennis is superkrachtig
Xtoria - Kennis is superkrachtig

An occupation test is not the solution

The first thing that most job coaches often start with is an occupation test. It can be useful to see what you can and cannot do. But if an occupation test shows that a front office position suits you best, but you really don’t like it, then that is not the solution. Often, only what your skills are is considered, and not what your interests are. We are convinced that if you do a job that you like, you will be able to show your qualities to full advantage.

Jobs with content

As described above, we find it important to give someone a job that he/she really enjoys. Together we will look for a place where you want to be and not a place where you must go just to have a job.

Xtoria - Kennis is superkrachtig
Xtoria - Kennis is superkrachtig

What do you guys think of us?

Have you had a good experience with Xtoria? Let us know about it! Then we will post your review on our website.

You will, won't you?

Xtoria - Kennis is superkrachtig
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