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About us

Xtoria was born out of Ictoria because we were frequently asked the question: Are you a reintegration company or a multimedia designer? By splitting the two, we are adding this branch to the Ictoria family where our primary focus is guiding budding heroes to a superhero existence.

Even though Xtoria is only now a separate branch within Ictoria, we have already achieved great results in the field of reintegration. And because this is where we are now going to focus within Xtoria, we expect these results to only get better. Are you in need of references? If so, we will gladly provide them.

It can be quite difficult to find a suitable workplace when you are dealing with a challenge. We at Xtoria believe that what is often seen as your weakness is actually your strength. With that attitude, we do our best to help people take the next step. Are you still not where you want to be after countless trajectories? Then we welcome you to Xtoria, we look forward to getting started together.

We all deserve a workplace where we feel comfortable. There are plenty of agencies willing to help you find this place. Yet they quickly look at what you can do but do not take into account what you want. At Xtoria we do this differently. Of course we look at what you can do, but it is just as important to do something you like!

Are you ready to find that place where you can do justice to your superpower? Then contact us or apply!

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